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Cargo does not always have the same shape, size and weight. We therefor join our customers when planning their cargo and loading handling. Sometimes we then have to build new or add deck fitting onboard the ro-ro vessel.

On some vessels you can load up to 8 000 cars, which means great values to protect. This means high security demands on our products.

The loading time is also pressed and the lashing therefore must be simple but also hold high quality.

Throughout the years there has been various solutions to fitting the carlashing to the different models. Lately a threaded hook has been screwed into the chassi.
The advantages with the threaded hook is that it is re-used after having been returned to Ro-Ro from the different destinations. After quality tests of the threads it is sent back to the customer and re-used.
In our test machine the material is exposed to maximum stress both concerning pulling strength and pulse test. Therefore we are convinced that we can give our customers material that reach with their requirements.